UK Distribution company Henley designs contacted Hifi Pig to tell us about the new Quintet Series of Moving Coil Bronzequintetortofon(MC) phono pick-up cartridges from Ortofon. The all-new range of cartridges includes 5 models to offer a range that ties in nicely with Ortofon’s existing Cadenza Series of premium MC cartridges, and their 2M range of Moving Magnet designs. The Quintet Mono, Quintet Red, Quintet Blue, Quintet Bronze and Quintet Black will be available from late-January 2014.
An ABS (Acrylonitrile / Butadiene / Styrene) thermoplastic material is used to manufacture each Quintet body. This light-weight, impact-resistant material is well-suited to injection moulding, and provides a very durable, scratch-resistant surface. Internally, neodymium magnets are employed to allow the cartridge to achieve an optimal output, while the low internal impedance design ensures the cartridge is less sensitive to load; meaning any Quintet Series cartridge can be easily partnered with a wide range of phono stages and transformers.
The ½” mounting design allows for easy set-up with most tonearm / headshell combinations. The aluminium top-plate has threaded mounting holes and easily accommodates the two sets of screws supplied (5mm and 7mm).
The Quintet Red is £199, Blue £325, Bronze £499, Black £649 and the Mono is £325.


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