Sound United, a company that develops and markets a diverse portfolio of audio brands, is showcasing a variety of new and recently announced products from its diverse portfolio of audio brands, including Polk Audio and Definitive Technology.

Polk Audio will be demonstrating its Hi-Res certified, Signature Series loudspeakers. With a new colour available, Classic Brown Walnut, the collection of floor standing tower, centre and bookshelf speakers incorporate audio technologies drawn from Polk’s top-of-the-line home entertainment speakers, including the Monitor, RTiA and LSiM series. The Signature series is the first Polk Audio line to receive Hi-Res certification, coupled with Polk’s Power Port® technology and a re-imagined design for the modern home.

Polk Audio will also be showcasing its new ultra-compact MagniFi Mini sound bar with a slim wireless subwoofer and the Polk Omni SB1 Plus sound bar with DTS PlayFi wireless rear technology will also be demonstrated. The Omni SB1 Plus supports Bluetooth connectivity and with the latest app update consumers can configure two Omni S2 or S2R speakers as wireless surrounds.

Definitive Technology will be demonstrating its 4th generation Bipolar tower speakers, the BP9000 series, with matching centres, surrounds and optional height speaker module, the BP9000 series are designed to offer a completely modified design and user experience, using Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technologies. The BP9000 series’ A90 height module projects sound upward to “envelope the listener in three-dimensional audio”, and clicks into place atop the BP9020, BP9040 and BP9060 tower speakers. Also featured in the booth, the 1.75 inch tall ultra-low profile W Studio Micro sound bar.

We’ve placed tremendous focus on designing and introducing speakers and technologies that emulate each brand’s unique identity. This includes Polk’s emphasis on real American Hifi as well as Definitive Technology’s tech-forward and minimalist design approach,” said Kevin Duffy, CEO & president of Sound United. “Today’s audio market rewards brands who hone in and fulfil specific consumer needs, some of which include ease-of-use, stunning design and of course, incredible sound. From new tower and vehicle speakers that integrate the latest in material excellence and audio technology, to wireless rear capabilities for true 5.1 surround sound, Sound United has tuned in to the customer landscape to deliver where it matters most.”

Sound United’s booth is #17830 in Central Hall, CES 2017.


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