roksponsmallPro-Ject Audio Systems ha been a producer of analogue hifi audio equipment for more than 25 years. Pro-Ject say: ‘We have been producing a range of products with excellent sound and finish with an impeccable price-performance proposition. With the same principles in mind we started to create budget friendly yet high end audiophile electronics”.

We are very proud to introduce our new outstanding pre-amplifier Pre Box DS2 digital with class-leading features at a very reasonable price, that will please ambitious vinyl lovers as well as fans of the digits”.


Pre Box DS2 digital is a premium pre-amplifier with five digital, one phono and one line level input. It features four different analogue and one digital output. It features the most advanced technology in its price class. The AK4490 D/A converter, from Asahi Kasai Microdevices, together with the complementing sample rate converter (AK4137), are responsible for resolution, soundstage, air and imaging. The ability to control the upsampling of all incoming digital signals to PCM 768 kHz / DSD256 with the Sound Modes button gives you the possibility to shape the sound to your personal preference. Three different sound modes and five different digital filters at your hand offer no less than fifteen individual listening experiences. An MM and MC capable phono preamplifier as well as a Line Level input for any other analogue source round up this one box solution.

Four analogue outputs (fixed, variable, subwoofer and headphone) together with one digital output (S/PDIF optical) make Pre Box DS2 digital a versatile audiophile pre-amplifier. It features a Phono input for all available MM and MC cartridges, one Line Level input for any oth-er analogue source as well as lossless wireless sound transmission via aptX Bluetooth.

The casework is done with solid aluminium to give an elegant appearance of high value but also to avoid any electrical or mechanical influences. To match their turntables in design, Pre Box DS2 digital is available with wooden side panels (rosenut, walnut, eucalyptus) and in black or silver casing.

Pre Box DS2 digital (aluminium)

SRP € 799,00

Pre Box DS2 digital (wooden panels)

SRP € 899,00


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