Box Designs by Pro-Ject Audio Systems, have announced the launch of a new Apple and Android compatible control application for use with a variety of their products. The new “Box Control” App
Box Control is a special development undertaken by Pro-Ject Audio that offers users full control of Box Design network audio players. It communicates with the new Stream Box DS net over a proprietary NetAPI interfacing protocol, allowing for a “quick and engaging” user-experience. With a few touches of the finger on the user interface, you can access and play music from media servers, internet radio stations, connected USB Hard Drives and Apple iPod devices (depending on how your system is set-up)
In addition to offering remote functions over Pro-Ject streamers, Box Control also has the ability to communicate with the forthcoming ‘Remote Box’ from Pro-Ject Audio to offer convenient control functionality over any other device in your listening room that has an IR receiver!
Because of the NetAPI software that Box Control works on, Pro-Ject have also announced a new updated version of the Stream Box DS. The Stream Box DS net offers the same build and operating system as the original DS, but it now comes compliant with the Box Control application out of the box. The Stream Box DS net also introduces Apple Lossless file support over home networks.


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