The package included two full range front loudspeakers, a centre speaker, two rear speakers and a subwoofer.7000i-group-black

The small and slim 7070Si subwoofer is revolutionary. Q Acoustics’ engineers have developed a new variation to the traditional ‘infinite baffle’ design solution. It delivers an outstandingly controlled, detailed and dynamic bass sound and also enables ease of placement within the listening room. The subwoofer’s 8 inch (200mm), High Excursion bass driver fires internally against a heavy, rigid ‘sounding board’. This surface deflects the bass notes evenly into the room through slim subwoofer grilles located on the top and both sides of the gloss finished unit. The new subwoofer is floor or wall mountable and also deceptively powerful, boasting an in-built 150 watt Class-D power amplifier.

Price and availability:

The Q Acoustics 7000i Series 5.1 Home Cinema loudspeaker package, in classic matt black or matt white finishes, has a UK Recommended Retail Price of £900.

The matching floor stands are £125 per pair. All will be available from authorised dealers from mid October 2013.

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