Reference Fidelity Components (RFC) the UK manufacturer of audiophile interconnects and ancillaries have announced today that they have partnered with a manufacturer of bespoke, wooden home furniture.

The partnership will broaden the RFC product range to include loudspeaker stands, equipment racks and turntable plinths; including plinths for the legendary Garrard 301 and 401 turntables. All of the new items presented will undergo the same rigorous design criteria the company’s cables have been subjected to and will include isolation or damping systems “to ensure great performance”.

Paul Coupe, owner of RFC commented “We are offering a truly bespoke service for audiophiles and prices will be dependent on the timber quality, complexity of construction and the finishes required. Whatever our clients choose they will be guaranteed a hand-made, furniture-quality item that, like quality furnishings, will be a pleasure to own”

The company has also introduced servicing for Garrard 301/401 turntables including motor strip, inspection, and bearing re-oiling, plus spindle bearing checks, replacements, upgrading and re-oiling. The thorough service will also include linkages cleaning and re-greasing, motor pulley inspection and adjustment and springs inspection and replacement.

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