The efficacy of cables, and in particular USB and digital cables, is a much debated subject in the audio world. However, Dan Worth, Hifi Pig’s resident computer audiophile is convinced of different cables’ bringing benefits to the overall system. Here he tries out The Chord Company’s Signature Tuned Array USB cable costing £400 for a 1m length. 

“The Chord Company with their extensive knowledge and years of experience with cabling have a good range to suit the end user’s budget. With a company such as Chord you can rest assured that build quality and the all important value for money is at the forefront of their expertise. Yes they do offer cables with a price tag that would make your dog weep but then these cables are produced to cover the top end of the spectrum, supporting systems running into the hundreds of thousands of pounds. Back here in the real world they still have an extensive range of cabling in clearly designated ranges to guarantee excellent performance for even the most basic and modest systems…”



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