Erzetich make a habit of telling you their products are evil animals, and that they need to be tamed after the company cage them in the cardboard boxes ready for their new home. Even the company logo looks like a bull ready to charge at you, being a circle with two horns. Janine Elliot runs with the bulls with the Perfidus Class A headphone amp costing £999. 

“Being a woman of sound waves rather than those on the sea I thought it appropriate to play Michael Franks ‘Women in the Waves’, a well recorded song covering tight percussive rhythms and smooth vocals, and I wasn’t left drowning in confusion, rather given a performance of excellent power reserve and authority showing the Perfidus is meaty with all frequencies and sounding like I expect a fully-fledged Class A power amplifier should. Prokofiev Piano Concerto No3 (Mstislav Rostropovich and Russian National Orchestra) was forceful but precise, giving excellent depth of sound and ‘bite’ that this Russian work commands…”

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