Having recently bought Roksan, Monitor Audio are certainly a brand to watch in the coming year. Here Lionel Payne takes a listen to their Platinum PL300ii loudspeakers costing £8000. 

“The cabinets have chamfered sides and there are two rear ports per cabinet, although the midrange drivers are placed within sealed internal enclosures. The loudspeakers are attached to bases which extend the footprint and add to their stability and I loved the design of the spike system. The spikes are far different in design than your normal loudspeakers would have and they can be finely adjusted in situ through the fact that they carry a threaded allen bolt which is accessible from the top (tool provided). Even the attention to detail of the loudspeaker terminals must be applauded. These terminals are at ground level affixed to the base and face upwards which makes so much logical sense to me (am I alone in this ?) allowing the banana plugs to point straight down…”

Read the full review here


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