So you thought that a Pug was one of those cute little dogs that looks like its run into a wall? Not anymore!  Roksanpug_fr_150402_0629 have just launched their new tonearm, The Pug. The Pug is based around a large, yet light and rigid, 22mm diameter carbon fibre arm tube; while most other parts feature high-quality black chromed anodised aluminium. The large counterweight area at the rear of the arm employs a solid, perfectly balanced fixed section in combination with two adjustable counterweights that are changed by the user depending on the weight and tracking force of the cartridge that’s been installed. Anti-skate is managed by a traditional ‘weight & thread’ mechanism at the front of the counterweight area. The Pug’s TnC ‘ball and cup’ bearing works in combination with the light, rigid arm tube to facilitate exceptional tracking ability from any cartridge. Sound quality is then guaranteed thanks to the use of high-quality internal wiring from Cardas. The particular wiring used was chosen for its speed maintenance and ability to retrieve micro-details.

Speaking about The Pug, Roksan Audio’s Managing Director, Tufan Hashemi, has said:

“We have spent many long hours, days and months perfecting the Pug. We wanted it be the finest sounding tonearm Roksan has produced yet to also make it user friendly, easy to set up and as compatible as possible,”

The Pug is available in the UK now priced £1,375.00


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