Roksan have announced the launch of their K2 BT 150 amplifier which takes elements of the previous K2 model but Roksan_K2BT150_newsimproves connectivity, flexibility and sonics.

The power rating is increased from 120W to 150W per channel whilst high frequency noise has been radically reduced in both the pre section and the power amplifier section.

The new K2BT comes with a Bluetooth aptX module with CD standard (16-bit/44.1kHz audio bandwidth) allowing connectivity to a host of devices.

Roksan say the improvements made on the K2 BT make for better imaging, soundstaging, transparency and dynamic range.


Inputs – 5 line level inputs, Moving Magnet phono, Bluetooth AptX

Outputs – Loudspeakers, Preamplifier, Headphone

Output Power – 150 W (8 Ohms), 300 W (4 Ohms)

Power Supply – 550VA Ultra LowNoise ToroidalTransformer

Frequencyresponse – (-3dB), <3Hz– >100kHz

Gain37.3dB Overall(Pre& Power)


Dimension432 x 380 x 90(W x D x H) mm

Weigth15 Kg

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