Simple Audio and Qobuz have announced a new partnership, originating from the shared ambition Qobuz-New-Releases-on-SA-Roomplayer-WEBto deliver premium sound to music lovers in the home through innovative and high-end solutions. Qobuz brings the high quality music and Simple Audio brings its high resolution music streamers to the party.

“After so many years in which MP3 compressed music became the standard, Qobuz and Simple Audio want to change things. Qobuz brings music lovers a new high-end listening experience, with more than 18 million tracks available for streaming and downloading in True CD Quality, as well as over 20,000 albums available for download in Studio Masters quality. Add to the mix, high resolution music streamers, notably the Simple Audio Roomplayer+ and Roomplayer+ with Amp and the reasons for the partnership become clear. Simple Audio Roomplayers are equipped with a DAC capable of playing any file up to 24-bit/192 kHz around the home. The result is true high end music streaming” says the companies’ shared press statement.

In addition Simple Audio has released an updated app which now makes the new music service available to all Roomplayer+ owners.

Commenting on the partnership, Qobuz General Manager, Alexandre Leforestier said: “Connected devices; carefully designed, versatile and 24-bit compatible: we are proud that the Qobuz HiFi offers are now available across the entire Simple Audio range.”

Ruben Mookerjee, VP General Manager of Simple Audio said: “We’re delighted to be joining forces with Qobuz. Our customers can now enjoy all the benefits offered by music services (any music, anytime) but now in True CD and Studio Masters quality. Superb sound meets modern music streaming.”


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