Swiss high end manufacturer Soulution has announced that they will be launching their new 560 Soulution _560DAC at High-End Munich 2014.

The 560 from Soulution will have five digital inputs including AES/EBU, SPDIF, Optical, USB and LAN which makes it a pretty versatile box of tricks. The USB is of an asynchronous design based around a high performance DSP.

Soulution’s new DAC is clocked by a precision device that is not powered by USB but by what the company are calling “ultra stable power supplies”. The LAN connection has a separate and dedicated DSP which manages the communication to the network but does not buffer or decode the incoming signals.

Soulutions 560 will accept PCM (16bit/32kHz to 24bit/192kHz), DXD (34bit/352.8 kHz) and DSD (1bit/2.82MHz and double DSD (1 bit/5.62Mhz).

The 560 DAC improves on the company’s previous converters with a more powerful DSP (32bit floating point) for upsampling which the company says “allows for much higher precision of the polynomial upsampling calculation process, the integration od a state of the art apodizing digital filter and has still enough computation headroom for Soulution’s innovative Zero-Phase-Technology.

The Zero-Phase-Technology (Zerojtech) essentially allows the phase error of the analogue output to remain below 1 degree, 20Hz-100kHz.

Despite the High-end Munich launch production of the new Soulution 560 will not be until September 2014 when it will have an expected price of 23 000 CHF (around £15, 500).

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