Soundsmith Corporation has announced five new phono cartridges designed for moderate gain preamplifiers.sussurro1076

Peter Lederman, the designer of these new cartridges has made them to perform with preamps that use a 48dB to 54dB gain.

The designs are based on Peter’s previous Moving Iron designs Hyperion, Sussurro (pictured), Paua, The Voice and Aida with them having the “same level of performance as their high and low output siblings”.

The Helios features the unique “cactus spine” cantilever and OC-CL stylus and costs $7 500;

The Mezzo is based on the Sussurro and costs $4 800.

The Nautilus is a moderate output version of Soundsmith’s Paua with a natural seashell detail and costs $3 800.

Sotto Voce is based on The Voice cartridge and costs $2 800.

The Norma is the sister cartridge to the Aida and costs $1 800


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