Founded in 1975 in Tokyo, Technical Audio Devices Laboratories (TAD Labs) is known for its professional loudspeaker drivers used in recording studios.
In the late 1990s TAD Labs branched out to develop high-end audio systems for consumers’, its first product being the revolutionary TAD Model-1 loudspeaker.  Designed by director of engineering Andrew Jones – in collaboration with industrial designer Allen Boothroyd of Boothroyd-Stuart Meridian fame – it was the first loudspeaker in the world to feature a concentric driver in which both the 3.5cm tweeter dome and 16cm midrange cone are formed of beryllium.
Since the turn of the Century TAD Labs has developed a range of ultra-high-end loudspeakers and partnering audio electronics to drive them.  Each component is meticulously hand-crafted to order and until now the exceedingly rare
TAD CD/SACD player – TAD pre/power amplifiers – TAD loudspeakers have only being available in Japan and North America.

TAD Labs’ exclusive UK agent is NuNu Distribution who is supplying GX Audio of Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.
GX Audio’s PR spokesperson Anne enthused:
“We are honoured to have been selected as the UK & Ireland’s representatives for TAD Laboratories.  TAD products are renowned to be peerless in the world of ultra high fidelity sound.   While their availability is limited, and they are unquestionably expensive, it’s a thrill for us to be able to make them obtainable here for music lovers, audiophiles and sound engineers alike.
“Currently there is only one pair of TAD Reference One speakers in this country – in the mastering room used for sound quality analysis by engineers Ray Staff and Matt Colton at London’s AIR Studios.  We predict that for music lovers’ living rooms the smaller TAD Compact Reference speakers will be the speaker of choice among perfectionists looking for the best sound quality that money can buy.  For large listening rooms the Reference Ones are arguably the finest high fidelity transducers in the world, while the recently-introduced Evolution One floorstander represents extraordinarily good value in the world of precision-crafted high-end audio.
“Everyone who hears TAD components is left breathless and simply lost for words, such is the clarity and purity of their sound quality.  TAD hi-fi systems make music recordings simply come alive.”

The TAD range includes Loudspeakers, amplifiers, DACs and CD players. Hifi PIg wishes NuNU Distribution and GX Audio all the very best.

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