Musical Fidelity’s recently introduced M6 Encore 225 has just received its most important updates with the integration of the Tidal service, both directly within the player and in the app, the addition of 24bit/192 audio compatibility over the USB – B input and the super fast copying of audio from USB sticks. More »

McIntosh Laboratory has launched the new MCT450 SACD/CD transport — “a high-performance disc-spinner designed MCT450 Front Topto complement any McIntosh product with a digital input”.

The MCT450 offers digital balanced (24-bit/192kHz), coaxial (24-bit/96kHz), optical (24- bit/192kHz) and DIN outputs for complete flexibility when connecting to partnering system components. For SACD playback, the MCT450 also employs a DIN output for connection to select McIntosh models (with a DIN input), such as the new D150 digital preamp launched at CES in January 2015.

The transport is compatible with all common disc types including: SACD; CD; CD-R and CD- RW (MP3 and WMA). “A twin-laser optical pickup assures optimal disc-reading, while 2x read speed provides improved data-reading from damaged discs”.

Further features include a premium aluminium die-cast CD tray, plus power control and data ports to control the unit’s operational state via other McIntosh system components. The entire unit is housed in a classic McIntosh-styled polished stainless steel chassis with a black- glass front panel and brushed-aluminium end caps.

The MCT450 sells for £4,495.


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Top end of the METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE products, the KALISTA Ultimate CD Transport with its separate ELEKTRA power supply is “today the high class Metronome-Technologies-Kalista-Ultimate-SE-CD-Transport-417x260component which permits to obtain an unmatched level in terms of harmonic realism, dynamic and 3D sound specialization.”

Main Highlights and Design Features

The Philips CDM 12 Pro 2 metal chassis has been significantly customized by METRONOME TECHNOLGIE and provides a stable foundation.
The Perpex® and stainless steel clamp and the proprietary shaft designed by METRONOME TECHNOLGIE has been designed to give better stability of the CD and consequently to reproduce the best possible sound with a low jitter.

Continuous ground link from the disc surface to the electrical earth permits the dissipation of static electricity for better working conditions of electronic and optical components.

A switchable up sampling device delivers 24 bit/96 kHz signal to the D/A converter.

The Elektra separate power supply with individual power transformers and completely independent regulation lines for each critical part of the transport – display, servo mechanism, motor, digital output stage – provides an inter-stage EMI/RFI radiation protection and ensures a “dynamic analog-like sound quality”. It also permits to mechanically isolate the sensitive electronic components from the vibration induced by the transformers.
Kalista may come with a series of options, such as a tripod stand as well as customisations.


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Lector has contacted Hifi Pig to tell us about their new tube output CD player. The new rounded shape lctorcdp603CD player is said to offer better rigidity and mechanical vibration control and the CD player has a new laser mechanism that is said to be highly accurate. A specially designed rubber suspension is employed to further reduce both internal and external vibration and inside new servo circuits based on a 32 bit microprocessor are used.

The on-board DAC board is a 32 bit 192 KHz low jitter design and output is pure class A to tubes without any solid state device in the signal path.

Only one polyprop capacitor is in the signal path and several power supply circuits are employed with “great capacitor reserve”.

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The new Esoteric K-05 is a combined CD/SACD player as well as an outboard DAC for decoding your digital audio stored on your PC, MAC or media server. This unit uses the highly regarded ESOTERIC VRDS mechanism for playing of any form of CD or SACD.  It also is fitted with Digital to Analog conversion circuits using the AKM 4399 DAC chips in a dual differential design.  This new product is an upgraded replacement for the very popular ESOTERIC X-05

New in the K-05 is an improved voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VXCO) clock generator with it’s own dedicated power supply for improved accuracy and stability. The K-05, like it’s bigger siblings, the K-01 and the K-03, has multiple digital-to-digital conversion capabilities.  Material being played or streamed through the K-05 can be up-sampled to as high as 176.4 kHz at 32 bits or the played program can be up-converted to DSD (Direct-Stream-Digital) before running the signal through the D to A converters.  Five separate digital filters are included offering the ability to customize the character of the sound to one’s own personal taste.  In the tradition of the other “K” series products, the solidity and beauty of the product is exemplified in the sculpted aluminum panels and the massive anti-resonance steel sub chassis.  Other features include:

MSRP of $8,300.00