Wraps earphones, if you remember my article announcing their release at the end of last year, you will recall that these earbuds wrap around your wrist.

Wraps are an intriguing offering. You may already be aware that I am more a fan of over-ear type headphones than shoving something in my lug-holes. The thing is, when the weather gets warmer (it will happen, promise) and there is no longer a need for jackets, where do you put your cans?

For me, heading to a watch a gig, the last thing I want to be doing is carrying a bag for the sake of my headphones. This is where I fall back on earphones.

Earphones can be slipped in to jeans or other item of pocketed clothing.

That’s all well and good but T-shirts generally don’t have pockets and some jeans are decidedly skinny. What happens if you’re rocking up poolside in your Speedos or bikini?

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More famed for its Strats, Teles, Jazz and Precisions, now comes the Fender in-ear monitor range.

The American guitar cobbler is unleashing its first ever range of pro in-ear monitors (IEMs). I say “pro” as these aren’t meant to be straight replacements for those free earbuds you get with your iPhone – some Fender in-ear monitors could hit you up for around 500 bucks a pair.

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