Sonus faber say they ‘wish to evoke Italian design and creativity at their best by restyling the Homage collection, the company’s most iconic line. It has been completely revamped in keeping with its rich past and precious legacy. Welcome Homage Tradition!

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Having recently bought Roksan, Monitor Audio are certainly a brand to watch in the coming year. Here Lionel Payne takes a listen to their Platinum PL300ii loudspeakers costing £8000.  More »

roksponsmallTAGA Harmony, a European manufacturer of speakers and audio electronics, today announced the launch of a new premium floorstanding speaker models in the Audio Video series: TAV-616F SE (Special Edition). More »

roksponsmallMagico have announced the new S3 Mk II, floor standing, three-way (four driver)  loudspeaker. The S3 Mk II nestles in between the S1 Mk II and S5 Mk II and features all of the design elements of the S-Series Mk II models, including a new 9-inch bass driver born from the design and engineering theories applied to the limited-edition, 10th Anniversary M-Project. More »

roksponsmallAfter 16 years, Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer, PIEGA has presented the second generation of their Coax loudspeaker. The second generation of the Coax series comes with the compact bookshelf loudspeaker Coax 311 and the two slightly over one metre high floor-standing speakers Coax 511 and Coax 711. More »

roksponsmallThe new Spendor D9 is a 3-way, 4-driver, floor-standing loudspeaker. Spendor told us: “The D9 incorporates all the engineering innovation developed for our 3-way Spendor D7 loudspeaker, but the new D9 is far more than just a big D7…”
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Audio Pro has been designing and building loudspeakers in Sweden since 1978 but they contacted livinglvsub_02_cmykHifi Pig to tell us about their latest wireless audio products consisting of floorstanding speakers, wall-mountable subwoofer, central processing hub and point-to-point wireless dongles.

Living LVHUB – multi-input wireless audio hub

With its four inputs (1 x USB, 2 x TOSLINK digital and 1 x 3.5mm stereo analogue), users are able to create a multi-source wireless audio system by connecting all sources to this hub. After the simple set up procedure (plug in and switch on), the LVHUB ‘finds’ all compatible Audio Pro Living speakers within the area and automatically connects to them. With Audio Pro’s Living system, a dedicated audio network is created, transmitting CD-quality sound wirelessly. UK SRP £250

Living LV33 – Floor standing speakers

A three-way floor standing speaker system, the LV33 utilises both direct and reflected audio technology to make speaker placement easy and fill a room with sound. Featuring a built-in bass equaliser, which allows the user to tune the speaker to the room that it is in, each LV33 can be set to be a right, left or mono speaker, which is ideal for those wanting multiple pairs in a single room or individual speakers in several rooms and is finished in Audio Pro’s trademark leather (available in black or white. UK SRP £1,300

Living LVSUB Flat – on-wall/on floor subwoofer

As either part of an Audio Pro Living wireless audio system or connected as a standard subwoofer to any audio device with a subwoofer output, the LVSUB Flat is ideal for those that want additional bass reinforcement with universal mounting options. Hung on a wall, placed on the floor or hidden under a couch, with its 200 Watt Class D amplifier, 8” (20.5cm) long-throw bass driver and DSP control, the LVSUB Flat is extremely versatile. In addition, and thanks to its finish being of the same luxurious leather (Black or white) as the other models in the Audio Pro Living range, it is a subwoofer that can be shown off rather than hidden away.UK SRP£450

Living LVSUB Flat – on-wall/on floor subwoofer

The LVSUB Flat is for those that want additional bass reinforcement with universal mounting options. It can be hung on a wall, placed on the floor or hidden under a couch and has a 200 Watt Class D amplifier, 8” (20.5cm) long-throw bass driver and DSP control.. In addition, and thanks to its finish being of the same luxurious leather (Black or white) as the other models in the Audio Pro Living range, it is a subwoofer that can be shown off rather than hidden away. UK SRP £150.

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Available from October the new loudspeaker from Focal will feature a Flax cone, new TNF tweeters and minimalist Focal_1styled cabinets. 

It represents a significant design shift away from the Chorus 800 V’s very strong design identity towards a more sober statement combining the mineral and the organic. The Aria 900 range is similar in breadth to that of the Chorus 800 V for stereo and Home Cinema, with just one exception: the model 948, which marks a return to the original “generous” loudspeaker with two 21 cm bass speakers.

Eighteen years after Focal introduced its ‘W’ sandwich cones (glass-glass sandwich), it is launching its ‘F’ (for Flax) sandwich cones, the result of more than five years’ work towards achieving more affordable sandwich structures.

The use of an eco-textile like flax, together with composites technologies, brings an innovative solution to sandwich construction: a piece of high quality flax is placed between two very thin glass fibre sheets. The manufacturing process can be mechanized (unlike the W cones which had to be handmade) and automated, making them more affordable.

The new TNF tweeter has an aluminium/magnesium alloy inverted dome, for low mass and stiffness. The lightweight dome is supported on Poron suspension (for linearity) developed from the Utopia tweeter. The tweeter has a front plate waveguide to help ensure ideal horizontal directivity with low diffraction.

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Monitor audio announced today they will be “fine-tuning” their Radius loudspeaker range. Alongside re-vamped Radius 45,MonitorAudio_group 90 and 270 designs, the new eight-strong loudspeaker line-up includes slimmed-down versions of the 225 centre speaker and Radius One soundbar, together with a new Radius 200 centre-channel speaker and two compact active subwoofers: Radius 380 and 390.

For the first time in a Radius series, the new range utilises C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) bass drivers, featuring concave cone profiles introduced originally by the range-topping Platinum series and subsequently on Gold GX.

Complementing the new bass cones, a new 25mm C-CAM tweeter has been developed.

Prices range from £200 for the Radius45 super compact speaker cube to £700 for the Radius270 compact floorstander. The speakers will be available in September.

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Bowers & Wilkins has announced the CM10, the new flagship loudspeaker of the CM Series, will be available in US from August. BowersWilkins-CM10-GlossBlack-Grille-off

CM10 is the first model in the CM Series to feature the tweeter-on-top configuration, a hallmark of the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond.

The tweeter dome contained within the distinctive housing is another first for the CM Series. CM10 uses a new design, based in part on the research conducted on the carbon-braced tweeter employed in PM1. Here, the edge of the aluminium dome is strengthened using a second aluminium layer that replicates the main dome’s profile with the centre part cut out, giving a new ‘double-dome’ design. 

This approach is said to stiffen the whole structure and prevents the voice coil from going ‘out of round’ at higher frequencies. Bowers & Wilkins claim the result is the best performance yet from a CM Series loudspeaker: the double-dome pushes the first break-up frequency up from the standard dome’s 30kHz to 38kHz.  

The overall cabinet height of CM10 is the same as that of CM9, but by adding a little depth to the enclosure and then relocating both the tweeter and FST midrange drive units has created sufficient extra volume for an additional bass drive unit. So CM10 has 50 per cent more bass driver area than CM9, with three drivers rather than two. 

CM10’s Kevlar® FST driver is, for the first time in the CM Series, decoupled from the rest of the cabinet.

The FST drive unit is secured in place by a drawbar mechanism, as found in 800 Series Diamond models.   

CM10 comes in a range of finishes – two real wood veneers, Rosenut or Wengé, or a painted Black Gloss finish.

Available in the US at $4000 a pair

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A year ago Kudos launched the Super 10, a development of the Cardea series stand-mount loudspeakers and now, aSuper 20 year later, Kudos has applied the same concept to their Cardea series 2-way floor-standing loudspeakers to produce the Super 20.

The Super 20 combines the Kudos Crescendo K2 tweeter from Kudos’ flagship Titan T88 loudspeaker together with a newly developed main driver which features a hand-treated paper cone, 26mm diameter voice coil, aluminium phase plug and a copper shorting ring to minimise eddy currents.  The two drive units are unique to Kudos and have been developed to integrate seamlessly with a very simple crossover.

In the crossover itself Mundorf inductors and resistors are used as well as Mundorf Supreme gold, silver and oil capacitors.

The Super 20 cabinet is manufactured from 18mm high density MDF and finished with either real wood veneers, or a satin white paint. The reflex port is situated on the bottom of the cabinet to enable more flexibility in placement within the listening room; this incorporates the damped flexi port design from the Kudos Titan T88.  The plinth provides a fixed boundary gap for the port to work optimally as well as providing additional stability.  The plinth itself is a tri-laminate design of high density MDF, a damping compound and a steel base providing stability and mechanical grounding properties.  Stainless steel spikes are also included for grounding the loudspeaker to the floor.


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Today Wilson Benesch unveil their most ambitious product to date – The Cardinal Loudspeaker is the most advanced loudspeaker ever developed by Wilson Benesch – Carbon fibre based and advanced composite systems enable a shell structure with a massive air volume. These curved elements give the cabinet a complex internal geometry to counter standing waves and ensure signal to noise ratio that is “second to none”.

The Cardinal’s form and geometry is instantly recognisable as a Wilson Benesch design incorporating accents that have evolved from many predecessors including the A.C.T. One, The Bishop and The Chimera. The Cardinal’s footprint is more than twice that of the Chimera, standing 12-inches (1-ft) higher, affording the Cardinal a 65% larger air volume.

Like the rest of the Geometry Series, The Cardinal is fitted with proprietary Tactic-II Drive units and the Semisphere Tweeter. Eighteen drive units in total deliver wide bandwidth sound from 25Hz to 35KHz.

Mid-range frequencies are handled by two highly optimized upper and lower mid-range Tactic-II Drive Units. Meanwhile, the Isobaric Tactic formation makes a return in the Cardinal with four Tactic-II Drive Units deployed to achieve a “new benchmark in dynamics and transient response”.


Gato Audio, the Danish high end audio manufacturer has just announced the PM-6 floorstanding loudspeaker in real wood walnut veneer. The “carefully selected walnut veneer is applied to our heavy duty cabinet construction and lacquered in a delicate – yet strong – satin finish.”

High frequencies are dealt with by a 38mm ring radiator, mids and lows by a 170mm paper cone and likewise the low frequencies are handled by another 170mm paper cone.

Techy Stuff

Frequency response –  34Hz to 25kHz (-6dB)

Sensitivity – 90dB

Impedence – 4ohm


G Point-Audio has today announced that they have been appointed exclusive representative for Ukrainian artisan  loudspeaker manufacturer Contrast Audio. The announcement broadens the range of products available from G Point and reaffirms their philosophy of “offering the best sound quality money can buy”.

Contrast Audio are a manufacturer with 10 years experience in the design and manufacture of acoustic systems based on their own highly linear drivers. All their loudspeakers are built on the principle of minimum crossover interference (first order filter), which gives “high sensitivity and accurate sound”. The drivers use only natural materials (paper cone, paper coil of magnetic system, wooden phase corrector, etc.).

There are five models in the Contrast Audio, plus a range of interconnects and loudspeaker cables which match those used in the speakers themselves.

The finish of the loudspeakers is said to be exemplary with five piano lacquer colours available as standard and any colour available on request.



Quad has added a couple of floorstanding loudspeakers to their Classic L range of speakers.

The two new models are the L 23L and the 25l and both use Kevlar drivers and a downward firing bass radiator.

The 23L is 92.5cm high with a 2.5cm fabric dome tweeter and 12.5cm drivers for mids and bass. The downward firing radiator is 16.5cm.

The 25L is the bigger of the two new models and stand 112.5cm tall, has 12.5cm drivers for mid duties and a pair of 16.5cm units for the bass. The downward firing bass radiator is 20cm. The 25L shares the same tweeter as its smaller sibling.

Prices are £1300 to £2200 depending on finish.