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This arrived only a couple of hours ago and was immediately placed in the cd player. I’m a bit of a Hawkwind fan!

It’s a double CD and comes in a gatefold type case…very nice.

Track one kicks off proceedings and is Hawkwind at their riffing best and with the usual electronic twitters that Hawkwind are famous for over the top of the mix. It’s classic Hawkwind in style – what more can you say – and will appeal to those who have know the band for years. Track two is more of the same to be fair but with Richard Chadwick on vocals and a welcome return to Huw Lloyd-Langton on guitar.

For me track three is the stand out. Entitled Mind Cut, this is a Dave Brock penned tune and he plays all the instruments to be fair It’s much more chilled and modern feeling, but still unmistakably Hawkwind.

Track five is the well worn Death Trap and at first it’s a little odd not to hear it sung by Bob Calvert. It’s pretty true to the original version really and if you like that you’ll like this. More »

Universal Island Records..Cat Nr 2722538 More »