SACD is currently experiencing what can only be termed as a renaissance all over the world. As the revival of Vinyl has shown, there is an undeniable charm in owning a tangible data medium with audiophiles particularly still wishing to play music from CD and SACD. For that reason, T+A has developed the MP 3100 HV multi-media player, featuring a new disc mechanism incorporating the latest decoder technology. More »

Swiss company Soulution have announced their new SACD player, the 746+. Retailing at 70,000 CHF, production willsoulution_news be limited to just 20 units. The 746+ unites a top quality optical drive, a super-precise master clock generator, an intelligent digital signal processor with over sampling, high quality analogue output stages and a new, highly precise and ultra-powerful power supply. Together they ensure nothing in the music is lost on its way from disc to output connection. Apart from the top class Esoteric CD/SACD drive the 746+ provides versatile connectivity through four digital inputs (AES/EBU, SPDIF-RCA, SPDIF-BNC and Optical,). All digital sources get synchronised to the internal master clock which ensures optimal read-out of discs as well as perfect reception of all digital music formats (incl. high resolution). The external power supply unit consists of five power supply circuits which are arranged in three separate and electrically isolated sections for powering the CD/SCAD drive, the digital sections and the analog circuits. They are all complemented by a multi-state filter network which keeps mutual interference across the three to a minimum.


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The new Esoteric K-05 is a combined CD/SACD player as well as an outboard DAC for decoding your digital audio stored on your PC, MAC or media server. This unit uses the highly regarded ESOTERIC VRDS mechanism for playing of any form of CD or SACD.  It also is fitted with Digital to Analog conversion circuits using the AKM 4399 DAC chips in a dual differential design.  This new product is an upgraded replacement for the very popular ESOTERIC X-05

New in the K-05 is an improved voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VXCO) clock generator with it’s own dedicated power supply for improved accuracy and stability. The K-05, like it’s bigger siblings, the K-01 and the K-03, has multiple digital-to-digital conversion capabilities.  Material being played or streamed through the K-05 can be up-sampled to as high as 176.4 kHz at 32 bits or the played program can be up-converted to DSD (Direct-Stream-Digital) before running the signal through the D to A converters.  Five separate digital filters are included offering the ability to customize the character of the sound to one’s own personal taste.  In the tradition of the other “K” series products, the solidity and beauty of the product is exemplified in the sculpted aluminum panels and the massive anti-resonance steel sub chassis.  Other features include:

MSRP of $8,300.00

Electrocompaniet the Norwegian hifi manufacturer of CD-Players, Dacs, amplifiers and loudspeakers launched the EMP 2 multiplayer in October of last year. Whilst this isn’t up to the minute “news” Hifi Pig thought it worth including in this section of the site.

The EMP 2 is part of the company’s Classic line and is a fully fledged and versatile player with support for all modern audio and video formats and media including Blu-ray in 2D and 3D. CD, SACD, DVD and DVD Audio. More »