The capital hasn’t had a proper Hifi show for a number of years and so Indulgence is a welcome addition to the audio calendar. Of course there were a few teething problems as there is always going to be when organising an event of this scope and scale, but, on the whole, we reckon it was a success.

The venue is good, well catered and the show organisers had ensured that signposting within the event was clear and plentiful, so there was no members of the audio public wandering around looking lost and perplexed as to where to go next. The show guide was also well laid out and nicely done.

What really impressed was the effort that the vast majority of the exhibitors had gone to in kitting out their rooms and exhibition spaces. They had clearly taken a great deal of time, money and trouble to ensure that rooms were as good sounding as they could be and they were also welcoming to the public. We attend a good few shows and the quality of the rooms at Indulgence was up with the very best!

There was an excellent line up of seminars throughout the weekend and live music too. Time constraints meant we didn’t see much of this live music, but what we did see was pretty amazing, particularly the pop up Marquee Club event on the Friday night – fabulously talented musicians and great classic rock tunes to boot!

The Indulgence Show was billed as a lifestyle event with a whole area given over to “Pure Pleasure”. Here visitors to the show had the opportunity to indulge in a spot of wine tasting, a look at a handful of rather nice vehicles, home cinema experiences, the chance to learn to play the blues in five minutes, excellent photography from Ross Halfin and some great drums and keyboards from Yamaha that you could get hands-on with. Personally I’d like to see this area of the show expanded upon to pull in people specifically for the “lifestyle” factor, but then take in the audio too.

The venue was huge and there were lots of rooms to see so it never seemed crowded, and, from speaking to a good number of exhibitors, the people that were there were keen to be involved and talk about the products on show. Talking to one of the organisers they said they’d pre-sold over 2000 tickets for the weekend and one exhibitor had 400, 600 and 300 people on each of the days respectively.

Next year we’ll make sure we have a full two days at The Indulgence Show as we simply did not have time to see all the exhibitors, specifically in the headroom area…so if you are going next year, book a two or three day pass to ensure you get to see everything!

So, all in all a very worthwhile event that will hopefully grow and flourish in the coming years!

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roksponsmallDue to the increasing demand for Hi-Res music, which requires more storage space, Innuos decided to launch a new version of the Zenith which they say is “ideal for Audiophiles who don’t want to compromise sound quality for larger storage”.
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roksponsmallNoble Audio, the Californian in-ear monitor manufacturer, will be showing its entire in-ear monitor range, principally designed by audiologist Dr. John Moulton AuD CCC-A, at headroom at The Indulgence Show (prices from £275-£1,350). Noble will be represented at headroom by its UK audiologist partner Gisele Flower of Aid2Hearing who in addition to retailing all models, provides ear impression-taking services for Noble’s custom models from her Harley Street consultancy. Gisele will be offering impression-taking services at the show, plus advice and support on the entire Noble Audio product range.
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roksponsmallLeema Acoustics is launching three new products at The Indulgence Show. Hand-made in Wales, the trio will include a production-ready version of the new Quasar streaming amp/DAC, plus the new Tucana II Anniversary Edition amplifier. Leema will also be launching a significant new product – more on that soon.
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roksponsmallThe world famous Marquee Club London, which helped launch the careers of artists including The Who; The Rolling Stones; The Small Faces; The Yardbirds; Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie, will be opening its doors again by presenting the Marquee Experience on Friday 14 October at The Indulgence Show (14-16 October 2016, Novotel Conference Centre, Hammersmith) at 7:30pm, bringing the iconic venue back to life for one night only.
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roksponsmallGary Langan, one of the world’s leading recording engineers, producers and musicians, will be sharing his insights into what it takes to make some of the biggest musical works ever released, including Bohemian Rhapsody, with live Q&A sessions at The Indulgence Show, the new audio and lifestyle event taking place at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith from 14-16 October 2016.
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roksponsmallGIK Acoustics will display several items from their Alpha Series which they say ‘has changed the face of acoustic panels and bass traps by beautifully combining absorption with diffusion’. GIK Acoustics will be showing their new two-dimensional Alpha Series panels which will be available in Europe in the weeks ahead. The 2D option uses a sequence of columns and rows with variable spacing that provides horizontal and vertical scattering of sound. Both the one-dimensional and two-dimensional options start to diffuse at 1000Hz.
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roksponsmallVertere Acoustics reveals a star-studded line-up for The Indulgence Show 2016. The London event hosts the debut release from Vertere’s record label, featuring three new tracks from CAEZAR – the band fronted by two former members of The Silencers, who also wrote the tracks – the release was mastered by Miles Showell of Abbey Road Studios, using his innovative ½ speed cutting technique.
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roksponsmallMartin Dew, the ex-director of international sales and marketing at Lucasfilm THX, will be opening the gates to the Lucasfilm estate to provide visitors with a first-hand perspective of what goes on behind the silver screen during his live seminars. These will be taking place in the Epernay Suite at The Indulgence Show, the new audio and lifestyle event taking place at the Novotel Conference Centre in Hammersmith from 14-16 October 2016.
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roksponsmallThe world’s leading audio brands are descending on London’s headroom™ show which returns to the capital this autumn as part of a wider audio and luxury goods event, The Indulgence Show. The autumnal headroom is set to be the biggest event to date and features the latest in portable audio and headphone tech, plus a wide range of new launches, including key models from Bowers & Wilkins, Audeze and Sennheiser.
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PMC’s recently launched twenty5 series will be given its first UK hifi show outing when then entire range is presented to the public at The Indulgence Show, 14-16 October.pmc1

First making an  appearance at the High End Show, Munich, in May 2016, the twenty5 series, so named to celebrate the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary, has been well received. New technologies onboard include the Laminar™ vent design and latest Advanced Transmission Line.

Visitors can visit PMC’s presentation in the Mouton Cadet Suite, second floor, and will be able to audition the full complement of twenty5 series models, from the smallest, the twenty5.21 to the three-way flagship model, the twenty5.26.

PMC will be partnering the twenty.5 series with the new Bryston Cubed Series power amplifiers, Bryston BDP2 digital player and the DSD compatible Bryston BDA-3 DAC.

Many other exhibitors will further enhance the company’s presence at the show, through their selection of PMC products for use with their own equipment:
Leema Acoustics will be using the twenty5.21 and fact.12s in the Talbot Suite to partner with its Constellation range and to help launch a new range of exciting products. In the Cremant Suite, Townshend Audio will be demonstrating its Seismic Platforms with the fact.8s and Vertere Acoustics is using the three- way MB2se with its range of turntables

The MB2 XBD-A (Active), as used at Metropolis Mastering, Abbey Road and many other studios around the globe, will provide the aural backdrop to an exclusive exhibition that features the photographs of Ross Halfin, the world’s leading rock music photographer in the Chalon Room.


See PMC at The Indulgence Show, 14-16 October, Novotel London West, Hammersmith.

PMC will be providing the music at an exclusive exhibition that features the photographs of Ross Halfin, the world’s leading rock music photographer, during The Indulgence Show in London on 14-16 October.

Using its studio reference loudspeakers, the MB2 XBD-A (Active), as used at Metropolis Mastering, Abbey Road and many other studios around the globe, PMC will provide the aural backdrop to the exhibition. Music from the legends of rock, whose images will be gracing the walls, will be played on a Bryston BDP2 digital player, connected to the BDA3 digital to analogue converter and a BP26 pre-amplifier.

Taking place in the 120m2 Chalon Room, part of the Champagne Suite on the main show level, the exhibition will feature many never-before-seen photographs by Ross, including those from his time on the road with Iron Maiden, Metallica, Def Leppard, Kiss, and Motley Crüe. Also featured will be photographs from his stints as tour photographer for Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Who and many others.


Ross will be in attendance for a period of time each day and will be presenting a talk about his life on the road with the world’s biggest rock acts. Keith Tonge, PMC’s creative director, says, “The number of major artists who have recorded, mixed or mastered classic albums using our MB2 XBD speakers and who have also been photographed by Ross Halfin is staggering. It is fitting therefore that PMC has been chosen as the company to provide the musical accompaniment to this major exhibition.” He continues, “We are looking forward to introducing the show visitors to the amazing sounds of the artists and bands as they look around the stunning collection of photographs.”


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The headroom™ show is returning to London in 2016 as part of The Indulgence Show, an exciting new lifestyle experience featuring the world’s best home and portable audio entertainment. headroom™, which is one of three events that make up The Indulgence Show, will be the biggest headroom™ to date, featuring the latest in portable audio and headphone technology, including new Apple Lightning-ready launches with several Lightning-cabled products on demonstration.


The first headroom™ show was held two years ago at Metropolis Studios (where it makes its return in March 2017), headroom™ at The Indulgence Show, however, takes the UK’s leading headphone and portable audio event to the next level. Attendees can experience the widest range of demonstrable headphones in the UK, all under one roof, making headroom a must-visit event for anyone considering new portable audio or tech or headphones for the new Apple iPhone 7 this side of the festive season.HEadroom

The unique three-day experience brings together the world’s leading portable audio manufacturers and showcases the latest products, technology and trends within one of London’s most popular exhibition centres – Novotel London West, Hammersmith.

The event runs from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of October and gives attendees the opportunity to try and buy the latest headphones and portable audio devices from the world’s leading brands.

The event runs from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of October and gives attendees the opportunity to try and buy the latest headphones and portable audio devices from the world’s leading brands, including Sennheiser, B&W and SHURE.  Full exhibitor list here.

Ride the Lightning

headroom is also the chosen event for a number of new Apple Lightning-ready headphones. Audeze, the California-based audio manufacturer, will have the first UK showing of its new iSINE in-ear headphones, the world’s first single-driver in-ear planar magnetic headphones which also feature direct Apple Lightning connections. The ground-breaking models, weighing from just 20g, are the world’s first earphones to use full-range planar magnetic technology.

FiiO, who is making its UK debut at the show, will also have the world debut of its new Lightning-cabled iF3 in-ear dynamic earphone, which features a built-in discrete high-performance audio codec chip supporting high resolution audio. The Apple MFi-certified iF3 uses a high-quality Lightning plug and is available in a range of colours.

The show offers an audio experience that’s refreshingly unique and dedicated to the blossoming headphone and portable audio market. It’s perfect for today’s contemporary music lover, from commuter to desktop audio champion and discerning audiophile. Experts from each respective company will be on hand to offer help, advice and answer questions.

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With just over two months to go until the start of The Indulgence Show, a major new audio and lifestyle event taking place at the Novotel Conference Centre in Hammersmith, 90 brands from the hi-fi, home entertainment and technology sectors have snapped up space to showcase their latest product ranges, services and experiences to the consumers that will come through the show’s doors.Indulgence_Show_logotrans-1-e1468426599916

The Indulgence Show is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors across the three days and has been designed by the organisers to bring in consumers from high income households who live in and around London as well as those from the surrounding counties, who are expected to travel up to two hours to visit the show.

Brands currently signed up for the event include Bowers and Wilkins, Onkyo, Audioquest and Sennheiser, PMC with more set to be announced.

Vernon Hamblin, headroom™ organiser, says, “My business partner and I developed the Indulgence Show concept to meet the requirements of that want to indulge themselves and their families with luxury goods, experiences and services from the home entertainment and lifestyle sectors because we felt that there was no show currently on the market that serviced these needs. Since we launched it earlier this year, we have received a hugely positive response from companies across a multitude of sectors that have already signed up to exhibit and we look forward to more signing on the dotted line in the coming weeks.”

Keith Tonge, creative director of exhibitor PMC comments, “By being highly innovative and offering more than just audio, The Indulgence Show really does break the mould of what has come before and we look forward to seeing a wider demographic at this year’s central London event.”

The Indulgence Show features three distinct areas – ‘Audio London’, ‘headroom™’ and ‘Pure Pleasure’.  The event will provide an opportunity for audio, home entertainment and portable audio brands to appeal to and attract discerning consumers with high disposable income who enjoy music and all the pleasures and benefits it brings to their lives as well as target those who want to indulge in new products and experiences.


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