roksponsmallMUSIC, owner of TANNOY, has stated that it remains committed to Scotland and will continue to build the TANNOY Prestige as well as other high-end loudspeakers in the country. The company which already builds current Prestige models at its manufacturing plant in Coatbridge, is considering relocating to a new plant following large investment from parent company MUSIC. The new facility will also see substantial investment in innovation and production, as well as a museum and show room for the brand’s 90 year heritage. TANNOY will celebrate its 90th anniversary this year and has been based in Scotland since the 1970’s.

Uli Behringer, head of MUSIC, commented: “We are excited about the future of TANNOY and we believe we have developed a sound strategic direction to protect its rich history and heritage. TANNOY was facing great economic pressures and we believe that our plan will ensure the longevity of the brand. We are planning to relocate manufacturing to a new plant in Scotland which will deliver modernised and streamlined operations while continuing our involvement in local communities providing employment in the region. This will secure TANNOY to remain a serious competitor in the high-end residential marketplace.” Behringer continued: “Since the acquisition of the famous UK audio companies MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK and TURBOSOUND, we have hired close to 150 new engineers and other staff in the UK which demonstrates our commitment to the country.


Music also announced the appointment of a new Vice President to lead its Lifestyle Division. James Bradbury, a versatile executive with robust general management skills in the international marketplace, in areas such as connected home and digital marketing, is excited about taking TANNOY’s Lifestyle Division to new heights. Uli Behringer said, “We are excited about James joining our team, his strong focus on customer experience and infectious passion make him the perfect person to lead our Lifestyle Division. MUSIC is all about passion and we are excited to energise TANNOY with James on board!”

My priority is to re-invigorate TANNOY into a 21st century business by leveraging the incredible capability of MUSIC’s organisation, taking advantage of the huge investments that the business is injecting into research and development as well as state-of-the-art production facilities. It is a privilege to be working with such a revered brand and extremely exciting to be part of the mission to bring the most innovative and seamless experiences to our customers,” adds Bradbury.


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