PMC announces the introduction of the Bryston Cubed Series amplifiers to the UK, replacing the Squared Series that made its debut in 2009 and bringing significant performance improvements.BRYSTON_cube_hifi_news

The Cubed Series is a statement design platform ideal for music enthusiasts, home theatre installations and professional audio applications says the company’s latest press release. The new line-up will roll out in phases, with the 300 watt stereo 4B³ and 600 watt mono 7B³ the first to be introduced to the UK market.  Both models feature balance and unbalanced inputs, selectable gain at 23dB or 29dB and convection cooling with no fans or moving parts. The 4B³ is also bridgeable to create a 900 watt mono amplifier.

“Cutting edge engineering achievements” are at the forefront of the new designs, featuring a patented super-linear, low noise input buffer that has added to the “remarkable improvements in transparency and overall musical enjoyment”.

The Cubed Series also features a more robust RF and audio frequency noise filtering circuit positioned before the power supplies. The effect of this new design is to prevent unwanted anomalies on the power line from interfering, even minutely, with the audio signal.

The technological advances perfected by Bryston’s engineers result in some remarkable audio advantages, including an expanded spaciousness and depth of focus, improved mid-bass clarity and more air and openness in the high-frequencies.

Aesthetically the Cubed Series demonstrates a progression in Bryston’s industrial design, with the new amplifiers featuring an redesigned milled aluminium front panel.  Standard finish for the range is black, with silver available to order.

As with all Bryston analogue products the entire Cubed Series range comes with the company’s enviable 20-year warranty.

UK Retail Prices (inc. VAT)

Bryston 4B³ power amplifier £5,299

Bryston 7B³ power amplifier £5,449

PMC Unveils the Bryston’s Cubed power amplifier line-up at Sound & Vision at The Bristol Show Sound & Vision 2016 in SS Great Britain 2&3


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