The Chord Company has chosen headroom to reveal a number of new cables designed to exploit the full potential of today’s high-performance desktop audio and headphone-based systems.headphone-cable-prototypes-001-2000px

Chord’s headroom stand will introduce new high-performance USB and digital cables, plus the Tuned ARAY prototype headphone cable. The new headphone cable will be available in two terminations at the show: miniature XLRs for use with Audeze systems, plus 3.5mm mono plugs – a full range of terminations will be revealed at launch later in 2016.

The headphone cables uses a new version of Chord’s proprietary Tuned ARAY conductor technology and gives show-goers the chance to experience Chord’s Tuned ARAY construction techniques for headphones for the first time.

The Chord Company will also be showing a range of streaming and USB cables, alongside a range of UK-made analogue and digital cables. Chord will also be arranging a trio of demonstrations using high-quality partnering equipment to highlight the performance benefits of Chord’s no-compromise approach to cable design and construction.

Demonstration 1

The Chord Company’s USB cable range using Chord Electronics’ Hugo TT with Melco and laptop sources. Chord will demonstrate all its current USB cables from the USB Silver Plus right up to the flagship Sarum Super ARAY USB, as well as a new prototype USB cable. This system will also be showcasing the prototype Tuned ARAY headphone cables.

Demonstration 2

Chord’s analogue cable range will be presented using an Arcam source component and a Meridian Prime headphone amplifier. The demonstration will contrast the acclaimed entry-level C-line right up to the flagship models, including two unseen Tuned ARAY cables.

Both the Arcam and Chord Electronics systems will be used to demonstrate Chord’s latest digital cables, which will include new prototypes, plus the recently released Chord Clearway Digital and the flagship Sarum Super ARAY.

Demonstration 3

This demonstration features Chord’s range of streaming cables using a Melco source plus a Chord Electronics streamer. Cables on demonstration will include the C-stream, Anthem, Signature and Sarum streaming cables.

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