A new signing to Innovative Leisure. The Molochs have picked up some great support lately from many aficionados in the music world, all noting their retro take on things, with a contemporary slant. Theirs is a mission statement that promises to pull apart the past, rather than recreate it, and on this new album, ‘America’s Velvet Glory’ (due out the 13th of January), their spritely garage nods to the likes of Violent Femmes, Kinks, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground and other such artists.

Having just been confirmed for Primavera 2017, and their first UK shows in May this year, as well as having just put out a new track ‘You And Me’ with a video too, it was safe to say I was both excited and intrigued to see what I would be faced with when ‘America’s Velvet Glory’ was sat in front of me. Safe to say it did not disappoint.

The first thing I noticed about this album is it their trademark garage sound straight off the bat, with the early Rolling Stones-esque guitar and unique vocals. I really loved this style simply because it gave me the comfort I’d normally get from listening to the more retro sections of my collection but with its refreshingly modern take on the style it still made the listening experience exciting. Tracks that illustrated this perfectly (to name a few) are ‘Ten Thousand’, ‘The One I Love’, ‘No More Cryin’ and ‘You Never Learn’.

Simple in sound yet wonderfully constructed, The Molochs sure have delivered on their mission statement of wanting to pull apart the past to create something new rather than just re-hash old tunes in the aims of riding the coat tails of someone else success. What we have here instead is an unapologetically unique band with their own take on a classic sound that isn’t afraid to push some boundaries when it needs to.

Overall, a great listen that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys the work of the other artists mentioned above, as this album will let you settle nicely into something new and expand your listening base even more. So keep an eye out for ‘America’s Velvet Glory’ out on the 13th Jan ‘cause you’ll be in for a treat.

Lauren Coombes

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