As Zeus gave birth to Apollo, Triangle Art’s Zeus Cartridge gave birth to the Stone body Apollo – the god of Music (and light/sun/healing)!

The Apollo MC cartridge is crafted with onyx stone and uses “some of the best parts in the World, with each componentApolloMC_Cart of this cartridge being fine-tuned and tweaked to deliver the performance worthy of carrying the Triangle Art Logo” says the recent press release from Triangle Art.

There have been some proprietary design changes in the Apollo to yield a “much improved sound quality”.

A natural high quality diamond (V V S 1 grade or more) is used in the design to control the resonance along with silver wiring and gold plated pin.

As with Triangle Art’s Zeus cartridge, there is a philosophy of combining speed and detail without sacrificing musicality and this is what the company say they have achieved with the Apollo – “more details, more transparency, more finesse, more air and more musical”.

From the pictures we’ve been sent it certainly looks to be quite a special bit of kit.


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