WyWires are debuting both their Diamond series USB and Juice II Digital cables at Axpona 2017.

The USB interface has gained in importance as an indispensable component. We have taken our very popular Platinum series USB cable and added several key features to extend its performance to a remarkable degree. The result? Diamond Series USB, priced at $1599 USD for 1.2 meters/4 feet standard length”.

The response to our Apple Mac Mini Power Cord was very good; we decided to offer something similar for all digital devices: DAC’s CD players, music servers. Sure enough, with the early prototypes we hear improved resolution, a tidier, more organized soundstage, stereo imaging stability and better bass tones. Juice II Digital is $499 for 1.2 meters/4 feet standard”.

Both Diamond USB and Juice II Digital Power Cord will make their debuts at Axpona April 21 – 23. Room 530:  With Modwright Instruments, Daedalus Audio and VPI and LL Clark: With Mojo Audio and Mr. Speakers.





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